4 Tech Advancements You Should Know About

Technology is always advancing. As a general culture across the United States, many are obsessed with getting the newest generation, model, or grandest invention. The interesting thing to note is that it’s not totally your fault if you fall into this category of wanting the newest material items. Research actually shows that human brains are wired to desire these new possessions that have the potential to boost your social status. When you receive the newest tech, you feel satisfied and rewarded. With all of this in mind, it’s smart to note that technology isn’t solely tied to phones and other electronics. So, if you’re always interested in learning about the latest technological advancements, then you should keep reading to explore four advancements you have to know about.

1. Look into the world of robotics.


Robots used to seem like a thing of the past. However, with the current advancements in technology, opportunities to expand this particular area of tech has grown. When it comes to robotic systems we’re not referring to a big hunk of metal that walks around meeting your commands. These sort of robotic systems are instead a combination of computer programming and mechanical systems that work to serve a specific command with more accuracy than their human counterparts.

With a robot’s ability to surpass human error, it’s no wonder that scientists have worked to advance robotics over the years. This technology went from being able to perform very simple commands to now more completing complex procedures like robotic surgery. A surgical robot isn’t as frightening as it may initially sound. Just like a normal procedure, your surgeon will make the necessary smaller incisions. However, instead of manually performing the medical surgery, they insert instruments to perform the required work. Then, the surgeon controls the instruments via a robotic arm to actually execute the desired surgical procedures from start to finish. What’s even more notable is that robots are single handily changing the surgical systems work. Now, patients may be able to avoid invasive procedures because of the guidance from robotic systems that have the ability to more accurately detect serious conditions like melanoma. Once again, it’s clear that this robotic technology has improved and will continue to update the medical world as we know it.

2. Consider the latest camera tech.


A less talked about area of technology is cameras. When it comes to the new technology that has evolved in cameras, it’s all about the interior changes that many can’t visually see. It seems like every year smartphones are coming out with cameras that one-up their previous models. With each new model, phone companies continue adding megapixels, improved resolution, and multiple lenses just to capture the perfect photographs. However, when you have a lot of photos to store, it’s understandable that you want to have one place for all of your photo storage. One of the best online photo storage options allows you to have personal cloud storage. You no longer have to share a cloud space or even worry about going over your Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Amazon Photos, or iCloud storage features. Opt for your own online photo storage home instead to get unlimited photo storage within your desired amount of data. With this memory range of 2TB to 8TB, you’ll have great space to store what you need and control your photographs and video files.

Another area of camera tech that’s booming with new technology is for the usual SLR camera owner. This new design is using a mirrorless camera. Many common manufacturers like Nikon and Canon are now offering these types of camera bodies. The mirrorless camera works without the help of a mirror inside. To put it simply, usually, when you utilize a camera this reflex mirror bunches the image back into the camera. With a mirrorless model, the image goes directly to the sensor creating beautifully vivid raw files that professional photographers dream of.

3. Think about the growth in the STEM field.


While new technology is always emerging, there are people behind the scenes doing the work to create such advances. If you’re truly interested in learning more about the world of technology, start with your education. If you want your child to possibly pursue a career in the STEM field, then think about sending them to Oregon charter schools where they’ll learn how to communicate, collaborate, and think critically. All of which are great additions to entering a higher education program once they attend college.

Maybe you already have a bachelor’s degree or some other certificate in the STEM field. If so, there’s now a larger focus on environmental sustainability. With this new focus and way of life emerging, it’s worth noting that it deserves attention. This way of life is focused on environmental policy and environmental science. As tech leaders, our next generation needs to be well-equipped to take on sustainable practices and work on the shift towards renewable energy sources, With a Masters in sustainability you’ll get to focus on these environmental problems that plague the next generation. Plus, this particular master’s degree program requires both in-person classes and online school. The online portion of this class is a great way for busy full-time students to still get the incredible education on overall sustainability and sustainable management, all while having flexibility throughout the semester. When you complete your degree, you’re one step closer to promoting sustainability leadership in the workplace.

4. Explore the bounds of automated driving.


It all started in the late 1920s when cars started to become manufactured to the public. Since then, there have been countless innovations in the car industry. Arguably, the newest technology for vehicles is the capability for autonomous driving. While no vehicle is fully self-driving, there are features that have been added to cars that take over to avoid human error. For example, a couple of these autonomous vehicle technologies are lane-keeping assist, highway driving, and self-parking modes. However, it’s estimated that there could be fully autonomous vehicles on the road within a possible 16 years. With this knowledge in mind, it’s a technological advancement to continually keep your eyes on.