5 Resources for People Struggling to Find the Right Path

2020 has been one hell of a year for all of us. But some, more than others may be struggling to find their right path. Maybe you are about graduate from college with a degree in English and have no idea what to do and no job prospects? Or maybe you are a new mom suffering from postpartum that just needs to feel like herself again. Or maybe you are just in a rut as you fall into your midlife crisis and want to change up your job. Whatever the cause there are outlets and ways to get yourself back on a positive track. Most importantly, be honest with yourself about what you are really searching for and you will find your path.

1. Say no to overthinking.

Surviving a midlife crisis can be so much harder than most people realize. A midlife crisis is not just about dating someone younger than or driving the best Ferrari you can find. It is about feeling lost in your own world that you just don’t see how you will be able to embrace the feature. So much of our stress and anxiety about the future stems from all the analysis and thinking we do as adults. When we were young our main priority was to play, learn, and grow but after almost 14 years of schooling not to mention college not everyone knows how to transition into late adulthood as easily as others.

As adults, we tend to ask ourselves all sorts of questions. For most of us, it is perfectly normal to think about where we might be five or ten years from now but for some, they become fixated on it. But over-analysis will get you absolutely nowhere so it is best to embrace the idea that no one, not even you, can predict the future. The simple fact is you do not know where you will end up and that’s not a bad thing. You can start making decisions regarding choices you really want and by accepting the unpredictability of like you can stop overthinking. Embracing the uncertainty will open doors today.


2. Take some kind of action.

If you are one of the many who are struggling to find the right path choosing to take the simplest step can make a world of difference. As a human with a soul when you take action and start to try new things, you start to feel better almost immediately. Even if you just take a simple look at church bulletins to find inspiration. Trying activities like exercise or finding a new hobby can take you out of your head where there maybe just a bit too much negativity and introduce you to something that is really great. It is also important that all you can control in this world is your actions towards yourself and other people.

For some, the chaos of not being able to control what happens tomorrow can weigh heavy on their shoulders but if you try to remember that you can control actions that you take every single day it may help you to relax. And by trying, moving, asking, and doing you are one step beyond than where you were the day before. The silver lining is you never know where each day may take you.

3. Find a job you are passionate about.

If one of the things getting you down is your current work situation maybe it is time to look for something new. While the whole idea of job hunting can be daunting it may pay off in the end to make the big move. Try to remember what you loved to do as a kid. Did you enjoy drawing and coloring? Maybe graphic art is right up your alley. What about counting and playing with your grocery shop toy? That sounds like you would be perfect in company buying and sales. If you loved helping people and sticking up for the kid that was always picked on maybe it will be law school at 30 in your future.

Most often than not our truest passions emerge in our childhood but are usually taken away from us as we are sent to school to learn the important classes. The hint is being able to get back in touch with those true passions as it will lead you to the perfect adult job. It is important to realize that whatever you chose you will be spending at least 40 hours a week there so make it worth it. Try not to think about money whilst looking for a new career. While it may be hard since as an adult, we have to pay bills but try not to let financial pressure dictate your future if you can. But it is always important to educate yourself on where your finances currently are which would include your credit score, retirement savings, and your long term goals you may want to achieve.

4. Embrace the now.

Probably the biggest and most overlooked rules of getting yourself on the right track are to embrace where you are in life and be okay with that. There has never nor will there be such a thing as a perfect life. It is up to you to work hard to find interests and moments that capture your attention and can keep you going. It is also important to remember that it is never too late or complicated to change your path to the right one for you.

Concentrate on improving your overall headspace as well as helping out others when you can. Helping others is a great way to battle your negative feelings because you can focus on other’s issues while trying to work on your own. You can always volunteer your time at a local shelter or school. By doing all this you will be ensuring a happier and lighter future that you can look forward to.


5. Believe in yourself.

Having seeds of self-doubt will automatically be anyone’s downfall. While at times you may find it hard to believe in yourself you have to be your own personal cheerleader as no one else is going to do it for you. Following your gut instinct is essential because most of the time only you know what is right for you and your situation. Many still tend to make charts or pro’s and cons list but in the end, you may have to let go of the uncertainty and journey down your path of self-discovery to find the best fit.

It is important to take chances and if you fall you get right back up again. If you are cautious try to start small. The first step will always be the hardest, but it will be so worth believing in yourself in the long run. Fear and self-doubt get a bad rap. The whole point of life is living it to its fullest and if you are not doing something that scares you it probably isn’t even worth your time. Many believe that the more you feel like a phony the closer you are on the right track. In truth, you and fear can actually work together to accomplish your goals.