5 Tips if You Plan on Moving to New York City

Moving can be a daunting experience, especially when you move to a big city that isn’t familiar, like New York. Thousands of people move to NYC to pursue their dreams, and you’re probably getting ready to follow suit. Don’t worry—there are plenty of helpful resources that can make your move as smooth as possible. Here are five tips to get you on the right track.

1. Find the right storage unit.

Finding the right storage unit for some of your belongings might help you out more than you would think. New York apartments are often small, and with the limited space, you might want to put away items that you use don’t use often. There are many good options for storage units in Elizabeth NJ that offer a great variety of extra space storage for newcomers.

Some of these storage faculties even offer special storage prices for new customers. You can easily find a self-storage unit in New York or New Jersey that offers excellent customer service and a clean storage facility for all your packing supplies and storage needs.

2. Decide between location and space.

Unless you’re lucky enough to move to New York with a disposable income, you’ll have to decide between location and space to cut down on rent prices. Real estate in New York City isn’t cheap, and you often have to comprise what you deem necessary in an apartment or house.

Do you require an elevator? Are you okay with a walk-up apartment building? These may not seem like major issues, but they can be depending on your circumstances. If you’re moving from a place like Georgia, or even New Jersey, the difference in rent prices may shock you. Your location in the city matters because living in Manhattan vs. Brooklyn can mean a great deal when it comes to the square footage to rent ratio. If you plan to live right in the center of things, you may what to readjust your expectations.

3. Make sure you have the right attire.

New York is a city that experiences all four seasons, so the proper attire is something to keep in mind. Winters can be especially brutal, so make sure you pack a good winter coat and always keep a decent amount of good men’s or womens scarves on hand. Believe it or not, you’ll be doing a lot of walking once you get settled, so make sure you have some solid walking shoes or sneakers.

The city is still a pretty crowded place even with all of the caution that people have been taking amid the coronavirus pandemic, so make sure you have the proper mask every time you leave your new home. The numbers for Covid-19 have been going down in New York City, but it is always best to be cautious when you can.

4.Try to find a local health care plan and good local doctors.

To avoid paying out of state health care fees, you should try to find a local health care plan that caters to all of your needs. That’s certainly easier said than done these days, but there are options. If you need a good therapist, you can find a one on nyctherapy.com that will work for you. It’s best not to put off looking for these services. New York can be a stressful place, and it’s a good idea to have a sound support system to help you adjust to your new life in NYC.

5. Should you commute?

The New York subway system gets a bad rep, but it’s a benefit you get when you move to the city. Traffic is often backed up and stressful when you drive, but the subway gives you the option to avoid all of that traffic. Yes, they’re often crowded and slightly chaotic, but in a long-term scenario, the subway is a great way to save money on your daily commute to work, especially if you work in places like Newark, NJ, or Jersey City, NJ. Whether you decide to use The NYC Metro or the New Jersey Path train, commuting with public transportation is worth it. Just make sure to carry some hand sanitizer and wear a mask.

NYC can be a frightening place, but you can go far there when armed with the right knowledge. Don’t be afraid, be prepared.