How Do You Maximize Energy Efficiency at Home?

Homeowners are constantly looking for an easy way to reduce their energy cost and have high-efficiency readings from the home systems. In recent years, there have been technologies and trends that actually make a big difference when it comes to energy efficiency. They optimize how the home uses its energy. Hopefully, some of these suggestions will go a long way in reducing your utilities and helping with energy savings.

Quality HVAC Units


At the core of energy efficiency in every home is the HVAC unit. With a high-efficiency heating and cooling system, you’ll be able to mitigate costs in the winter and summer months. This includes all aspects of the system from the heat pump to the ductwork, the furnace, and even the thermostat. You’ll want to make sure you have a professional installation company perform maintenance on your system. This will ensure a higher standard is kept when going over your air conditioner, boiler, and other parts of the HVAC. A quality professional should also be turned to when you need to install a new system or new component like a smart thermostat.

Little Touches

In addition to the high-efficiency heating and cooling you can get from your HVAC, here are 3 ways to make a house feel more comfortable and potentially more energy-efficient. It’s no surprise the many items such as rugs, curtains, and other décor were made to last a little longer when we were children. American-made decor items had a little better reputation than they do today. Utilizing these family members’ items could not only clear out some of your clutter but help with your heating bill as well. Additionally, turning some of your outdated appliances into art can help with your home efficiency. Mainly, this is because you can look for appliances that are better suited to save money long term, not just on rebates.

LED Bulbs

Speaking of upgrading outdated items, you want to look at the bulbs you are currently using in your home. LED bulbs can have a long-term impact on your electric bill, and you can do this in more places than you think. You’ll want to look at all areas of your house that have lightings, such as your bedroom, living room, and bathroom, but you’ll also want to check seldom-used rooms like the attic or basement. Checking your seasonal lights, light string lights for Christmas can also have some quality savings. It’s important to note that when you can, using natural light will always be more energy efficient.

Cold Water

Another way to maximize your energy efficiency is by using cold water when you can. It doesn’t matter if you have a propane or electric water heater, it is always going to cost more money than using cold water. The best place to do this would be with your laundry. Washing blankets, throw pillows, and other items that are gently used don’t need to be washed in warm water all the time. The occasional cold shower can also have positive impacts on your health and mindset.

Strict Thermostat Rules


Whether it’s the air conditioning or heating system, being disciplined about what temperature you keep your household can influence efficiency. You don’t have to have a programmable thermostat to keep it regimented, though they do help. In cold weather, try to keep your heat at 68 and defer to putting on long sleeves or a blanket for additional warmth. In the warm air of summer, keeping your AC around 78 can lower power bills significantly over a lifetime. The key is to maintain a temperature that is both comfortable, but also energy efficient.