How to Get Your Perfect Luxury Pool

Whether you are looking to build a luxury home on mountain land for sale, or a location with a beach-front view, having a swimming pool is a must. Few things are as refreshing in the heat, the swimming is great exercise, and a pool is a great way to bring family and friends together. Even with the best maintenance, though, pools deteriorate over time and need a face-lift. That’s the perfect opportunity to turn your old swimming area into a luxurious pool that will become the focal point of all your activities.

Make it a peaceful place

One great luxury addition for any pool is a water feature. It elevates the pool, and the whole yard, but also makes the immediate area feel tranquil and relaxing. Whether you’re taking a midnight swim or lying by the pool soaking up the sun, the sound of cascading water makes you feel that, just for a moment, you’re on your own desert island.

Another way to dress up a water feature is to put in some strategically placed mood or accent lighting. Plants also help to camouflage any pumps or switches, giving the space a more natural feel. This makes it more feasible to use the pool at night while also highlighting your waterfall area. While your pool is being renovated, you can buy plant bundles for delivery to avoid any delays in enjoying your watery sanctuary.

Install a swim-up bar

Few things are more luxurious than enjoying a drink by the pool on a warm afternoon. Instead of going in and out of the house when you want a drink—and dripping all the way—why not put in a bar, complete with built-in bar stools and a canopy? 

Sit in the shade and enjoy a drink. For parties and larger family gatherings, you can even hire a bartender to make poolside an epic experience. Whatever idea you have for design, swimming pool builders in Brisbane can make happen.

Warm-up to the fire

When the weather turns a trifle nippy, don’t abandon your entire pool area completely. If you’ve put in a stone fireplace with some comfortable seating, you have the perfect place to warm up on those days when it’s warm enough to swim but turns slightly cooler once the sun goes down.

Even when it’s just a bit too cool for swimming at all, your fireplace area can keep this outdoor space a cozy place for the family to gather all year round. Make sure to build a little protection around it to hold in the heat and make the area a great place to curl up with a blanket.

Move the kitchen outdoors

It becomes so much easier to host that Christmas barbecue when you have an outdoor grilling space. If it’s by the pool, you give the cooks the opportunity to leap into the pool whenever they need to cool off for a few minutes.

Your kitchen can really be as extravagant as you like. You can do anything from a full-service kitchen complete with an outdoor refrigerator and some counter space to a simple grilling area. Combine the outdoor kitchen with a place where people can gather to dine and you may never eat indoors again.

Put in a tanning ledge

The tanning ledge, or sun shelf, is a shallow area of water attached to the main pool. It allows you to add running water to the pool area and gives you a place to sit in the sun while staying cool. As a bonus, it can also function as the perfect kiddie section where the youngest can play safely in shallow water.

Your tanning ledge can be shaped in almost any way you please, and it’s the perfect way to add aesthetic interest to your pool with incorporated fountains, rockery, waterfalls, landscaping, a separate lounge chair area, or even some sculpture.

Isn’t it time to make your yard a place everyone wants to gather and elevate your property value? You’ll never regret putting in the luxury pool of your dreams.