Meeting A Sugar Daddy For the First Time

Dating life can be really difficult and unappealing. Tinder, Grindr, and other dating apps are disappointing and often come up short in terms of results. Men in their twenties are great, but let’s be honest—they’re a little immature. If you’ve been considering dating an older man, here are a few of the pros: he’s established, he’s experienced, and he has a stable income. Even if it may seem a little intimidating and out of reach at first, it’s actually easier than you think.

There’s a whole dating pool of older men who are looking for a younger woman to pamper, spoil, and support. Sugar daddies are gentlemen who offer financial and material support to younger sugar babies in exchange for companionship and happiness. Make no mistake; this is a mutually beneficial relationship, not prostitution. Essentially, sugar daddies are successful men who are looking for someone to share their extraordinary lifestyle and build a romantic relationship with mutual benefits for all involved.

When it comes to a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship, it’s pertinent that you are educated in the sugar daddy dating realm. Here are just a few of the things you should know before meeting a sugar daddy for the first time.

Set your boundaries ahead of time.

You’ve got to know what you’re looking for in this relationship you’re pursuing. That means knowing ahead of time whether this companionship is a partnership, friendship, mentorship, or romantic relationship and whether or not you are ready for a sexual relationship. Your “daddy” will most likely be really straight forward with you and will be looking for the same in return. It’s also important to be transparent with him from the beginning because you don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

A great way to set these boundaries and curate the kind of men you want to meet is to find a site specifically for sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationships. Sites like, among others, are great sources for getting to know the potential sugar daddies before you meet them. On these sites, you can easily specify what you’re looking for and also find daddies that align with those desires. This is also an important place for you to weed out the fake profiles from the real ones. There are fake profiles and scammers everywhere, so be aware of the signs.

Dress to impress.

This is more important than you think. Even though you’re most likely pursuing this type of relationship with financial and material assistance in mind, you don’t ever want to seem desperate. You want to dress to impress so that they don’t feel like you’re trying to use them in any way. A classy, sophisticated, and mature option for your first date is to choose a little black dress.

Wearing black dresses, in general, is always the go-to choice, but this classy ensemble is sure to impress your sugar daddy when you meet him for the first time. If you want to wear a sexy black dress that’s suggestive but appears more conservative, jackets and maxi dresses are great options for appearing tasteful but radiating sex appeal. Pair a black dress, like a lace slip dress, with a blazer to show that you know how to have a good time, but that you’re also a boss who means business.

Be prepared for obstacles.

If you’re going to pursue a sexual dynamic in your sugar relationship, you’ll want to keep in mind that intimacy might require a little more work with an older male partner. Erectile dysfunction, lower sex drive, lower testosterone levels, and other issues might be small obstacles that you want to be aware of before the first time without judgment. If your daddy doesn’t want to use viagra or other male enhancement drugs, you might want to consider topical treatments like creams and gels for sexual enhancement. ProSolution Gel is a sexual lubricant gel that uses nitric oxide to help blood rush to the penis so that your sugar daddy can enjoy a firmer, fuller, thicker, instant erection, as well as better orgasms and sexual endurance, all on command.

ProSolution Gel is made with L-Arginine as a primary ingredient, a natural supplement that absorbs into the skin and increases the blood flow to the penis by increasing nitric oxide. Unlike many similar gel products, there aren’t a myriad of other filler ingredients, and it doesn’t rely on ginseng. There are no harsh chemicals, which ensures that this gel will provide stronger erections without any harmful side effects. According to a ProSolution Gel review on the ProSolution Gel website, men reported to have thicker, firmer erections, increased stamina and control, and quicker recovery times. This would be an excellent option for your sugar daddy who needs an extra little something to please you in the bedroom.

If you’re interested in pursuing this type of mutually beneficial relationship with a mature man who knows what he wants, is sure you know what you want, too. Educate yourself, and be prepared for anything that meeting for the first time may bring you.