Planning a COVID Safe Christmas Party

With coronavirus cases continuing to surge throughout the globe, many countries have been forced to revisit how to handle the holiday season. In the United States, several cities have reinstated COVID-19 restrictions that limit the number of people allowed inside a venue, or even how late they may be allowed to stay. Families are even being forced to evaluate just how many people can come over for the holidays.

While the usual large-scale bash is out of the question in this current climate, there are still ways to celebrate the season in style and do it in a way that minimizes the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.


Follow Local Protocols

As much as it is a letdown to not be able to have your usual Christmas party, it’s important to protect you and your guests amid this pandemic.

Of course, be wary of your symptoms and the health of anyone in your household. If you’re not feeling well, don’t take the risk of having anyone over for Christmas, nor going to someone else’s house, a restaurant, or any designated venue. If you can get yourself tested prior to attending, do so, even if you’re not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Social distancing is key no matter the venue. Be sure to do the best you possibly can to keep six feet apart, while wearing masks as situations see fit. Unfortunately, this means no hugs or handshakes this holiday season, but don’t fret about an elbow bump to greet your guests during these strange times. If weather permits, consider having your Christmas party as an outdoor gathering this year. Studies have shown lesser transmission of COVID-19 outdoors, as a result of greater ventilation than indoor festivities. If the weather doesn’t allow, try to get as much ventilation through the location as possible by keeping windows open.

If you’re using a private venue or restaurant for your Christmas gathering, be sure that they are adhering to protocols as best as possible. It’s recommended to keep masks on at times when you’re not eating or drinking. Experts also suggest keeping hand sanitizer handy if you’re unable to constantly be getting up and going to the restroom to wash your hands.

No Restrictions On Decorating

Just because the party may be smaller doesn’t mean there’s a need to skimp on the decorations. LED Christmas lights are designed to brighten up Christmas through not just your standard string of lights, but through a variety of colors that will attract just about any onlooker during the holiday season.

When it comes to outdoor lights on a patio or window hangings, some opt for white lights to give off that wintry, seasonal feel for the chill in the air, even using icicle lights to give that extra winter illusion. However, some people opt for the old school feeling of holiday lights in a multitude of colors that almost give off a Christmas village effect. If the heights are too much to deal with, net lights are a perfect accessory to cover up bushes, designed for outdoor use without the need to break out the ladder.

As for your Christmas tree, strands of lights set for a nighttime viewing are just what a holiday party has in order for everyone to enjoy. Proper string lights in the color of your choice can set the mood you’re looking for. A classic white light can add a classier feeling depending on the company you intend on having for a Christmas get-together, while some pops of color with a little twinkle may give off a more festive look.


No Restrictions On Looking Good

While masks will certainly be the fashion accessory of the holiday season, don’t be afraid to keep yourself looking your best to celebrate. Of course, throwing on the good old ugly sweater isn’t frowned upon as those have become the new holiday hit. If the sweater has Christmas tree lights, even better.

For men, the classic collar shirt and dress pants look is a simple approach. A sport coat over the shirt is recommended depending on the venue that you’re heading to. If this is a house party, the dress code may not be as stringent. Don’t be afraid to get into the spirit of Christmas in terms of color scheme, as well as some decorative ties.

The same goes for women, with a great option being a classic cocktail dress with maybe a light jacket or sweater to accompany just in case it’s an outdoor affair. Of course, getting to the hair salon and nail salon prior to the party may be a priority for you as well. If you’re in need of a manicure, but running short on time, press on nails could be the easy and stylish solution to that.

These false nails provide a real gel finish, with a quick dry time that allows you to go about your day fairly soon after application, and then last ten to 14 days thereafter. With a little touch of nail glue on the nail bed, these gel nails come in a ready-to-go package in the solid color of your choice, and sparkle with just an extra topcoat layer. This is without the dangerous chemicals that may be associated with certain nail polishes and lacquers.

These personally designed manicures are available in custom kits that are made-to-order and arrive at your doorstep within two days.

Catering The Affair

While the buffet-style has had to take a sideline for fear of spreading COVID-19, there are simple ways to keep you and your guests safe whether you’re doing the cooking or hiring someone to cater the party.

Most caterers provide a full meal option instead of buffet trays of food, so you may want to send out a menu in advance to your guests for them to choose an entree. Group orders are what’s best to guarantee everyone gets a taste of what they’re in the mood for, and it limits exposure of delivery drivers making trips back and forth. Don’t let the fears of COVID-19 make you fear changing up food items from the past. Be sure to look into unique holiday recipes that pop, and also accommodate dietary requirements for all of your guests.

Restaurants will also follow strict COVID-19 protocols to make sure that your attendees are provided with food and drinks in the safest manner possible to allow them to enjoy the experience.

If you’re having the affair at your household, a trip to the liquor store is also in order. Whether it’s wine, vodka, whiskey, or any other liquor that your guests may prefer, get an assessment of what the room likes. While it’s important to have your options available to the company, don’t break your bank on bottles that won’t be opened and will sit on your shelf for years to come.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try your shake at an official party cocktail. You could opt for making a Christmastime classic like egg nog or spiked cider, or get ambitious with certain holiday flavors like peppermint and cinnamon. This way, you can cheer to a happy and healthy 2021, and better days ahead in a fun fashion.