Tips for Managing Quality Assurance Teams in a Call Center

There’s one thing that’s incredibly important when it comes to call centers, and that’s quality assurance. More specifically, when it comes to call centers, this is referred to as call center quality assurance. This is integral to improving the customer experience, and it should be on the top of your priority list for your call center. Keep reading to consider some tips to help your team create the best customer service available.

The Basics of Quality Assurance


If you manage a call center, you’re going to be specifically concerned with call center quality assurance. This type of quality assurance is integrated into call centers to not only assist the customer experience but also to make sure that the center is achieving whatever it’s set out to do. When it comes to call center quality assurance, it’s main focus is to provide customer satisfaction and address any overarching concerns that seem to arise and get them addressed so that your team can function more efficiently without these common problems. Therefore, you must evaluate the common customer concerns to get the best turn-around. This way, you can improve call center quality for consumers and the lives of your agents.

Promoting Best Practices for All Agents.


It’s a general rule of thumb, but to best manage your teams, you must create standards, and these can’t have room for variation. You have to ensure that your agents all understand that their behavior needs to mimic one another extremely closely. This is important because you need to get the same call quality so that you can perform whatever analytics that the center needs to. For example, you can provide the agents with key performance indicators, scripts, or some kind of scorecard to ensure that they’re hitting the same points through their chat. This way, you can get the best results with the same level of agent performance.

Valuing Your Agents


Though it may seem like no big deal, make sure you’re listening to your call center agents. After all, employees who feel valued generally perform better at work. So, if they make requests or suggestions, give them a listen. For example, if they want to wear a certain dress code for work as a call center agent, there’s no reason why they can’t. After all, it’s all done over the phone.

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Advanced Level Quality Assurance.


It’s a good idea to use call center software for your quality assurance process. For example, Bright Pattern has software that’s specifically tailored to ensure quality assurance for call center. By utilizing built-in software, you get real-time quality monitoring of your agent’s chats. This also helps to streamline the QA process because, at any moment, the active call monitoring allows a QA specialist to intervene. In this way, you can feel confident that your team of agents is providing the best customer service possible. In addition to this, this service can provide you with actionable insight to improve your call center’s quality assurance instead of having to analyze each call and each agent’s chats. Overall, this software is an incredible tool to incorporate within your team of agents so that you get the best customer interactions and insight for your company.