Your Guide to Starting a New-Age Product Line

While new-age products aren’t generally discussed when thinking about potential businesses to form, the new-age niche has quite a following, especially when you’re able to identify your target audience and their own unique spiritual beliefs. That being said, launching your own product line for spiritual goods comes with a two-fold challenge: learning how to successfully start your business and attracting a large enough customer base to continue your operations. In this brief guide, we’ll touch upon some tips for starting your new-age product line that will make your journey a bit smoother.

1. Create a comprehensive business plan that will mitigate potential risks.


A new age business is, at its heart, a business. Being able to survive in a very specific niche begins with understanding what foundational items you need to target before you get started or consider launching. But what should you be focused on when you start creating a business plan? Some of the most important items to focus on include:

  • Understanding the market: Do your research to understand your competitors, demand for various types of products, and where you can fit into this model. The more research you do, the more prepared you’ll be for the future.
  • Deciding how and where you want to do business: Are you looking to form an LLC? Perhaps an S corporation may be better for you. Are you going to run your business from the comfort of your home, or will you need to lease a warehouse and office space for your operations? These are just some of the questions you’ll need to answer in order to form your business.
  • Figuring out how to get funding: Whether you have enough capital to launch your own business or will need to apply for a loan, do some digging into how businesses are funded and how you can come up with the money to create or acquire the products you want to sell.
  • Undergoing the registration process: Every business needs to be registered on both the federal level and the state level. Make sure that you understand what paperwork you need to file in order to operate legally.
  • Developing the systems and processes that will support your operations: Every business relies on digital and physical tools to get the job done more efficiently. For example, if you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time packing boxes for customers, having robotic case erector machines at your disposal can streamline the process. Robotic case erectors help you convert blank cases into fully-erected, bottom-sealed cases, making the process of loading and shipping your products to customers that much easier. With benefits like automated LxWxD path generation, active case squaring, and a safe and ergonomic design, taking care of the most essential tasks will no longer demand hours of your time.

With the right plan, you can mitigate risks and avoid setbacks that may slow your progress or shut down your business entirely.

2. Develop a solid idea of who you’re tailoring your products to.


The term “new age” is very much an umbrella term used to describe varying spiritual beliefs that developed in the late 1900s. Sometimes, this term may also be applied to beliefs that fall outside of the major religions of today. However, while one could use new age to describe certain belief sets, the truth is that understanding and catering to your specific community and their spiritual path is what will set you up for success (something that’ll be made easier if you share these spiritual beliefs with others).

For example, Wiccans may be one of the target audiences that your developing products for. A deeper understanding of the traditional Wiccan altar setup, items that are used during spellwork (whether these be crystals, candles, chalices, athames, herbs, wands, or other altar items), and everything that the average Wiccan or witch (whether they’re a beginner or a long-time practicing pagan) may need in their individual practices and magical works can help you develop a product-line that your customers find to be useful and valuable.

No matter whether you’re selling products for practitioners of Wicca or individuals who may practice Santeria or Hoodoo, take time to understand the needs of your customers and how you can best support them in their spiritual journey.

3. Market your products and participate in the spiritual community.


Many spiritual practices that are considered to be new age are often rooted in a more responsible way of living. Take, for example, the continuing conversation surrounding the ritual of smudging, and how businesses that sell these materials are continuing to benefit from the oppression of indigenous communities.

As such, you may find greater success as a “new age” business when you take time to understand the spiritual community as a whole and the beliefs that make up their way of living and collective experience. Then, you can begin marketing your products more successfully, actively participating in the spiritual community to develop the connections your business needs to thrive, and scaling as you begin receiving greater support from those who require your products.

Remember, many new age products or services are still rooted in the beliefs and cultures of others. When you respect that and embody that in your business, you can make a real impact.

Starting a business can be hard. Staring a business that offers spiritual materials, even more so. If you want to craft a business that sells new-age products, use this guide to better understand what elements you need to focus on in order to help your business thrive.