Church Updates To Help Keep Your Congregation Warm

A church is a physical building where Christians gather to worship. Traditionally, churches have a steeple that contains a belfry topped by a spire. Many churches ring their bells at predetermined times throughout the day. Today, church designs vary. Some modern churches don’t have a steeple or belfry. Some groups also hold church services in rented facilities or homes.

The word church also refers to a group of Christians. It can reference all Christians or the members of a specific congregation. Churches that want to stay comfortable should focus on physical improvements to control their building’s temperature. They may also focus on social dynamics to promote a warm atmosphere. Here are just a few updates to consider for your church to ensure it stays warm.

Retaining Heat


Old windows can cause undesirable airflow, which produces drafts. Drafty rooms can be hard to heat and uncomfortable to spend time in during the winter. If people are rushing out of meeting rooms in your building or keeping their jackets on, it could be a sign that old windows are letting hot air out. Google “replacement windows in Michigan” to locate window replacement specialists. Hiring contractors to install replacement windows will eliminate drafts. Window replacement companies offer a wide range of vinyl window options, including picture, casement, and hopper replacement windows. Whether you need to replace windows in the basement, sanctuary, offices, or other meeting rooms, you’ll be able to acquire new windows suitable for your building.

Installing replacement windows will save your church money in the long run. Replacing single-pane windows with Energy Star windows can reduce a homeowners heating bill by up to $465 per year. The exact amount you save will be determined by your church building’s size, how many new windows you install, and your location.

Generating Heat


To keep your building warm, you need to generate heat. Old churches may have initially had steam pipes or oil heat to keep the building warm. Eventually, boilers break down, and oil heat can be expensive. Building renovations can also prompt you to evaluate your heating options.

Radiant heat is a popular option for churches because it’s cheaper to steam or oil heat. Some churches also invest in pew heating.

If your church has a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit, invest in bi-annual maintenance to keep it working as efficiently as possible. In the spring, have your AC system inspected. Have your heating system inspected in the fall. HVAC technicians can check the parts to ensure everything’s in working order, replace worn parts, and clean dirty parts. They can also replace the air filter and clean the ducts. Items in your air ducts can block airflow, making parts of your building colder and causing your HVAC unit to run longer to reach your desired temperature.

Airflow may also become blocked due to pests. If rodents build nests in your ducts, you may need to have a pest control expert set traps and remove them.


Church attendance has been in decline for years, and some churches struggle to attract new members. Often, the reason churches lose members stems from how people feel about your church’s atmosphere. People are less likely to return if they feel unwelcome.

One way to help build connections with new attendees is to have a welcoming committee that identifies new people at your church and personally greet them. They can offer a tour, answer questions, and introduce guests to other church members. You could also schedule a regular event for guests and new members to meet the pastor.

In addition to spiritual needs, your church can also focus on members’ social and personal needs. Organizing activities that promote socialization can help people make friends and form strong connections. Once people form connections, they’ll be more likely to feel welcome.

You can also pay attention to your building’s physical touches to ensure they create a welcoming atmosphere. Everything from your church’s confirmation supplies to its bulletins can have different designs. Formal, sterile designs could promote a formal, rigid atmosphere. Adding color to your meeting rooms is one way to generate warmth. One way to accomplish this is to add artwork or fresh flowers.

Your building can also exude warmth by planting gardens outside and using the church sign to communicate in a fun, memorable way. Funny church signs can show you have a sense of humor, which can appeal to potential new members.

You can keep your church physically warm by investing in energy-efficient replacement windows and maintaining your church’s heating system. If you’re focused on creating and maintaining a warm church atmosphere, you can use your church sign and visual features, such as flower gardens and artwork, to promote warmth. You can also plan activities to help people form meaningful connections, so they feel comfortable in your church.